Monday, November 11, 2013


there's something to be said for the energy one gets from taking steroids.  i get them each time i have chemo and then taper off of them a few days after.  this time around... my final round of chemo... i ended up with two swollen eyes... a little going-away present from chemo i guess, and so i had to go back on steroids to try to treat that problem, and whether or not it helped, i can't say, but i took them dutifully up until yesterday when i decided my eyes (eyelids to be specific) were nearly as good as they're going to get.  in turn for this i've also returned to realityland when it comes to energy.  it is pitifully low after eight rounds of chemo and so i find myself sitting here having spent up all of my internet time-wasting capabilities and yet unwilling to move from the couch (except that i have an oncology appointment in an hour and so i'll have to move).  so, because of that, you get a blog post... whoever the you's are that still check.

but this blog post will really just be a way for me to encourage you, if you are feeling inspired to do a good deed, to donate to a little fundraiser i have going for a fellow mom with cancer.

here is the link:

as you can see, we are already so close to reaching the goal!  thank you for checking it out and thank you, thank you if you donate or if you already have!

as for me, friday will come along and i think i will be really curious to see how it feels to NOT go to chemo that day... and what will saturday feel like... and sunday... i will relish in any day from now until next tuesday (when i have surgery) that feels normal.  so i'm hoping to get my energy back, for a few days at least!