Saturday, October 25, 2014


i'm probably staining the counter top and cutting board with half-peeled beets, but to cut beets, i guess i need to get out some creative energy first.  after all, william had an art class this morning and we get to look at this cool creation of henry's each day... 

hanging on the wall... 

and besides, this blog post has been half done for nearly a week now.  the beets can wait a few minutes.

the other week was fall break for these boys...

and their hair was less scruffy than that.

because they got haircuts awhile back.  henry looked like this but they weren't trained in cutting around ears so large, so greg had to do it when we got home that day.

and william is routinely the one to pull the burley to the store these days, but these days it is not nearly so warm out, or sunny, or blue skied.

but onto fall break.  you can see we went on a trip with a porthole, if portholes can be square and without latches to let in the fresh sea air...

a relatively popular thing to do over here is take a cruise to oslo... walk around oslo for the day, get back on the ship and sail back (overnight) to copenhagen.  so... leave on a tuesday, get home on a thursday kind of cruise... which is to say... the perfect length for us....

here we are, still at the copenhagen dock...

double-u on deck...

kid-zone.  color a picture, enter it into a contest, win a toy, get a balloon sword, a balloon pirate hat, jump in the bounce house while at least one of your parents feels certain you'll come out of it with a concussion somehow.

goodbye copenhagen...

hello fall break!

good morning norway...

you are more spectacular to behold in fall than the little country you've shared so much of your history with.

not even into town yet.  it's hard to be a three year old on a party cruise.

off the boat.  he was the only large animal we saw that day, but we saw him early...

crossing streets, of colored buildings...

and of glass...

catch a tiger by the toe... or the tail...

getting out of the city as soon as we got into it, at will's request...

climbing the tall hillsides on the train that would take us up...

fall colors...

explorations at the top... where it's much colder...

sure, these could be trees anywhere, but they're norwegian trees.

a william-led hike...

to a lake, with a camp of some kind on the other side, for teenagers?  it was hard to tell.

if you guessed giant ant hill, you just might be right...

heading back to the train to get back down into town... 

more yellows, but still so much bright green below. it's how it is in denmark, long into the fall.  grass and fields stay green.

still tired... he falls asleep shortly after this picture and greg carries him through the streets of oslo until he rouses....

so many fallen leaves...

goodbye oslo...

waiting for dinner...

alas, that is my last picture of the cruise, and here is my last picture of fall break...

making dinosaur cookies.

all i have left is of a walk we took last sunday to the grocery store...

and back, when the sky was much pinker...

well... maybe our trees are turning too...

the other side of the street...

i wasn't going fast enough for henry, so he told me to take his hand and he could help me...

a bridge lit up...

water level high...

after the sunset...

and now the beets need my attention and i have a game of go fish to play.

Monday, October 6, 2014


it's a forever game of catch up with this blog.  i'll do it in list form.

things we've lost

our washer/dryer combo
one mitten
our patience, occasionally

things we've made

indian food
birthday cakes

things we've planted or transplanted

rainbow chard
collard greens
green onions
raspberry plants

things we've purchased

a new washing machine
a new pair of gloves-- junior sized
children's birthday presents
books (see things we're reading)
art class for w.
an aloe plant

things we're doing now that it's fall

harvesting our greens (see things we've planted)
picking apples
lighting candles at dinner and sometimes at breakfast too
continuing to sleep with the windows cracked open
wearing mittens on cold morning rides to school

things we're reading

100 years of solitude -- regan
the miracle of mindfulness -- regan
the immune system recovery plan -- regan
the hormone cure -- regan
taproot, issue 11: mend -- regan
white fang -- greg
wild trek -- william
any thomas the tank engine book he can get his hands on -- henry

places we'll go

germany in october -- greg
norway in october
spain in december

things we're pretending

that it's our birthdays even when it's not -- henry takes the cake for this idea
that we see ghosts -- henry
that we see monsters -- henry

things we're repairing

greg's old bike

things we're collecting

horse-chestnuts -- henry
pokémon (etc.) cards -- william
foreign currency -- william

birds we're watching out the window