Monday, October 6, 2014


it's a forever game of catch up with this blog.  i'll do it in list form.

things we've lost

our washer/dryer combo
one mitten
our patience, occasionally

things we've made

indian food
birthday cakes

things we've planted or transplanted

rainbow chard
collard greens
green onions
raspberry plants

things we've purchased

a new washing machine
a new pair of gloves-- junior sized
children's birthday presents
books (see things we're reading)
art class for w.
an aloe plant

things we're doing now that it's fall

harvesting our greens (see things we've planted)
picking apples
lighting candles at dinner and sometimes at breakfast too
continuing to sleep with the windows cracked open
wearing mittens on cold morning rides to school

things we're reading

100 years of solitude -- regan
the miracle of mindfulness -- regan
the immune system recovery plan -- regan
the hormone cure -- regan
taproot, issue 11: mend -- regan
white fang -- greg
wild trek -- william
any thomas the tank engine book he can get his hands on -- henry

places we'll go

germany in october -- greg
norway in october
spain in december

things we're pretending

that it's our birthdays even when it's not -- henry takes the cake for this idea
that we see ghosts -- henry
that we see monsters -- henry

things we're repairing

greg's old bike

things we're collecting

horse-chestnuts -- henry
pokémon (etc.) cards -- william
foreign currency -- william

birds we're watching out the window



nina said...

Things I like to see on my computer: a new post from you.
Things that I like about coming home: having reliable internet service and hearing everyone speak American.
Things that I miss about Europe: hearing many languages all around me and planning my daily long walks.

This is fun! Do another one tomorrow! :)

Sara said...

252662Oooh! I love the lists! I read 100 Years of Solitude this summer, thankful for the family tree at the beginning which I used over and over and over! Also really like the Miracle of Mindfulness. Please let me know what you think of the book on the immune system.


Phyllis Noble said...

Among my favorite books: 100 Years of Solitude

Books I'm reading with Santiago: All the sequels to Gary Paulsen's The Hatchet.

I'm in love with Henry. Been that way for a while.

So very good to get a post from you!

greg|regan said...

Phyllis, Have you read Wild Trek before? We just finished Hatchet with William. Skipped over the part about him cutting his wrists and some of the family drama. He is only 6 after all. But Wild Trek... such a great fictional survival story for kids!

Diane said...

I love your catching up post as I am catching up on reading my favorite bloggers. Our boys loved all of the Paulsen books.