Friday, May 1, 2015

sluggishing it

it is only by virtue of the fact that i had about two cups of coffee and three cups of tea after 9 p.m. that i'm able to make a blog post at 11 o'clock.  otherwise the old lady in me (i'm really going to get slammed by seniors groups if i keep using that term (in the hypothetical world where seniors groups are aware of this blog)) would be dragging myself to bed.  tonight was book club.  my one evening social event of the month... that's how crazy i get these days.  (apparently there is no more 20-year-old in me... and honestly, even with all the caffeine, i'm slugging my way through this... is slugging the verb form of sluggish?  that's what i mean to say anyway.)

so where was i?

not sure.  but i do love my book club and i do love riding my bike home at night.  if i leave denmark for good, those are two things i will miss.

and now it's time for this 34-year-old to go to sleep.

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