Thursday, January 19, 2012


you may remember (i haven't written that many posts after all) that there was a glitch with selling our home. well, some wringing of hands, rereading of condo docs, emailing between key players, losing some hope, almost listing our house, but not, and one meeting later, we learned that the glitch has magically disappeared, was never really there in the first place, and the sale can move forward. it was a good feeling to learn that our lives would not become unnecessarily complicated, as we'd been bracing for, and it was an especially good feeling, and a moment i won't soon forget, walking out of the land trust office and hugging the woman who will buy our home and seeing the genuine joy on her face as she said to us, "I'm so happy."
meanwhile, a guy that greg's been corresponding with about a home in a co-housing (bofællesskab) neighborhood in trekroner, near roskilde, emailed yesterday to say that it's soon available for rent-- he emailed this three days after our lease in roskilde began. it seems that some things are meant to be, and other things are not.

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