Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So on Saturday Greg made a prediction-- on Monday morning we'd get an email from the Danish Consulate that our applications have been approved and that same morning, we'd get an email from the land trust telling us the city has approved our sale (because last week it seemed there was a glitch-- again).

So on Monday morning, what happens? Well, we get an email from the Danish Consulate telling us that Denmark has approved our applications-- we will be residents of Denmark! (As of February 16th-- the day before we land! Pure luck that we don't have to change our flights to accomodate the date they chose for us.) And, the land trust emails us to tell us that the city has approved the sale-- we can sell our house! (Can we sell it in the next two weeks please???)

There! A day of significant news. Plus, a van load of our things was driven off to Michigan that morning, which put us down to bare walls and borrowed silverware, a shaky card table from which to eat (no more candlelit dinners-- we'd been practicing a Danish custom), and my computer to broadcast public radio (which keeps Henry, William, and I company during the day) instead of our stereo. I must say, it works nearly as well, which gives me hope for it doing just as well in Denmark, along with the short-wave radio we got for Christmas. Plus I think this first place has a tv. I wonder how long we can trick William into thinking it's just a large antique computer monitor. Not long I suspect.

Tomorrow puts us down to two weeks remaining in Madison. Which means two weeks and one day until we fly to Denmark. So much to do still and such a busy calendar. I feel like we're having a lot of visits and dinners and brunches with folks right now and then we're going to arrive in Denmark and it's going to be like... silence... just us and no one on the same time zone even to call up on the phone. But maybe that will be nice for awhile. I think I would like to take a nap when I get there. I get tired just thinking of the plane ride with the two guys. But it could go very smoothly. Who knows? It's an 8 hour and 15 minute flight-- so... like a day at the office, like 'bring your kids to work and strap them in their seats day.' Okay, but then we get to live in Denmark, so no complaining, I know!

And now I'll end with a picture of Henry, because I am in love with those little teeth right now!


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