Friday, February 3, 2012


i love that william is oblivious to (or, better yet, unconcerned about) the fact that he's down to a small number of toys (small, relative to the average number of toys in probably most american households-- i'm taking a guess, but i think it's an educated one). i worried about him once when we tried to get rid of a pair of beloved froggy rain boots that were so used they were never again going to keep out the rain. the whole experience seemed to inflict such trauma on him that i'd since taken to surreptitiously disposing of deflated balloons, stickers that'd lost their stickiness, those cheap plastic toys handed out by the dentist in lieu of consumable, sugary fare, and the larger toys that never became 'real,' all so that we didn't have to re-experience the froggy boot debacle again and again. but it seems that time has been kind in the 'stuff-doesn't-matter department' and he's gladly given away toys he doesn't play with and watched his beloved citi blocks and legos get packed up for a month-long voyage across the ocean, so that it seems that delayed gratification is starting to pan out nicely

and today... he spent about two hours making toothpaste with a friend... you know... for a toothpaste shop.

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