Wednesday, February 22, 2012


well, resetting william's internal clock to GMT +1 this morning didn't really work, but tonight it's 10 and he's almost asleep. i think it's just going to happen one hour at a time. and that's fine.

we learned today that our shipment is delayed a few days and that we don't need to go to copenhagen for it because apparently it has already cleared customs. i don't really understand how all of this works, but i think it will make our lives easier not to have to make our way to some dock somewhere in copenhagen and do whatever paperwork we'd need to do to release our things. which isn't to say we won't still go to copenhagen, hopefully sometime soon. greg, fairly officially, has no more unofficial days of work until his first official day of work (next thursday), so we may try to plan a little trip sometime between now and then. just walking to the train station is a small journey in itself. maybe we will have a burley by then, but i don't know what we'd do with it-- could we take it on the train? we are slated to borrow a burley (and a high chair) from a friend of the woman whose home we're renting. that friend is away for the week as this is a/the "winter holiday", so until we can get in touch with her, and until our bikes arrive, we are getting much exercise carrying the guys around.

this afternoon, greg put henry in the ergo and they and william walked to the bicycle store, which is next to the grocery store not far from our house. this was a surprise for william. he'd been riding a neighbor's bicycle back at home, so we figured we'd get him a new bicycle once we got here. so today, they walked over while i got the house cleaned up. the guys at the bike shop showed william a gray bike and then a white bike of the same model. he wanted, and got, the white one. he calls it a racing bike. he also got a new helmet so that henry can use his old one on burley bike rides.

so here it is-- possibly the world's fanciest kid's bike ever:

i'm hoping this bike gets a lot of use. it was a bit of an investment. henry seems ready though. unfortunately this bike puts william at a different angle than he's used to and so he needs to learn how to ride it. greg pretty much had a hand on it the entire trip back home. also, ever since william had a huge wipe-out going down a big dirt hill this summer he's been a lot more timid on a bike. that may have been my fault for letting a three year old ride a two-wheeler down the side of a large hill, but at the time i thought, 'if he falls, he'll see that it's not that big of a deal-- you fall off your bike and you get back on, and then he'll never be scared to fall.' (and he did make it down once with no wipe-out.) but, it seemed to have taught him just the opposite. crud. hopefully that memory will start to fade and he'll be a fearless (yet careful) rider once more, and he will learn how to position his body on this new bike.

in other news, it was chili and cornbread tonight. i wonder if we were the only people in denmark making cornbread tonight. or, the only americans making cornbread with rye flour.

it sounds like rye is incredibly popular here and it was cheaper than wheat. so, we've had rye pancakes and now rye (and cornmeal) cornbread. aside from the color, i could detect no difference in the taste, and you can see that we enjoyed it well enough:

well, 10:45. time for bed. goodnight.


cindyanapolis said...

That's a good tip about the rye flour, I assumed it would taste like, well, rye. I'm going to do a little price comparison on this end :)

greg|regan said...

i love your profile name cindyanapolis! who thought of it and when?? let me know how the price comparison shakes out!

Sheila Tow said...

What an awesome bicycle, William. Ask Mommy to post a picture of you riding it! Love, Grandma Sheila