Saturday, February 25, 2012


henry playing around and me playing around with free photo editing software.

a low-key day. william suggested we might go back to copenhagen to see the rest of the city. we declined. there will surely be many days spent in copenhagen in the next few years. we decided last night that today would be a day devoted to spending some quality time with william. so this morning he and greg did lego battles upstairs-- his favorite thing to do these days, aside from having his dada tell him stories about star wars. later, they went to the grocery store-- with william riding his bike-- he carried the bread back, attached to his back bike rack. there has been so much consumption of bread in this house. bread and butter mainly. i'm not sure the extent to which we're clogging up our arteries, but it's been a fast and easy snack, and i'm not sure if it's not in the grocery store or what, but we're not buying sandwich bread, but rather either baguette-style loaves or the dense, grain-filled rye bread denmark is known for. and today william picked out an intense pickled herring. it translated into french onion herring, but the spices reminded me of a christmas punch. once again, the fish was really high quality. william put a slice of herring in between two slices of summer sausage (which was, unfortunately, not of the same quality as the fish) and two slices of bread. he ate all of the meat, leaving only some bread behind. i'm feeling thankful he's loving seafood right now. at least fish. i don't think he does so well with shrimp or oysters, etc... like his father. henry's also enjoyed the fish, though he probably doesn't have enough teeth for pickled herring.
after the grocery store, william and i sat down and watched "cars." his other favorite thing in life right now. it's not a movie i would ever watch if i didn't have a 3 year old son, but it was pretty good.

ah, now henry is waking up already. so, i will post a couple more pictures from dinner-making time and then post this. goodnight!

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