Wednesday, February 29, 2012


fluffy didn't make it here yesterday, but he's slated to arrive within the next couple of hours. other than our bikes (and toys for the guys) i'm wondering what on earth we felt we needed enough to send across the ocean, put on a "Handy" delivery service truck and bring into this wonderfully uncluttered house. yes, it's true, i've been recycling the same three shirts and two pairs of jeans for the past month and in all likelihood i will tire of that at some point-- or, knowing me, they will wear out first. i'm not exactly what you would describe as 'innovative' in the fashion department. but, i suppose a little variety, to give these duds a break, is alright. not necessary at this point, but alright.
also, we packed books. because i'm waiting until they stop printing them before i buy a kindle. other than a set of measuring cups and spoons, i'm not entirely sure what takes up the remaining space on the pallet. it will be interesting, if not rueful, to see.

would you like to hear some good news? henry slept until 2:30 last night before waking up! that hasn't happened in... maybe forever. and, he let greg walk him to sleep after i nursed him. that hasn't happened in about a week. so, maybe he's getting over his cold. he also ate a ton of dinner last night-- a tandoori spiced curry. oh that they could be healthy with ready appetites all the time.

in other news, this is my last weekday of job sharing. tomorrow greg (officially) begins work, so i officially begin doing my job solo once more. a job i often feel is better done with 3 or more employees. and since it's been sent overseas, i've really appreciated having an equal partner in the daily work of raising the guys, at least for these past couple of weeks. as i type this, greg is getting william a piece of bread with jam and explaining how the noise of a car in the parking lot can get through the front door. with henry napping, these are the lovely moments.

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