Monday, June 10, 2013

so far so good

(greg here)

all's well with the chemotherapy so far.  round one seemed to go well, but I'll have to let Regan describe it in more detail some other time. it appears quite dynamic and hard to say what each day will bring. overall treatment marches acceptably forward.  

the weather here is fantastic and that allows us to relax a bit.  today W and my dad (Blaine, aka grandpa woof, aka farfar) had a 5-year-old's dream-come-true kind of day. they skipped school and went to tivoli.  by all accounts it was as good of an adventure as you could guess: hotdogs, popcorn, ice cream, slushies, rollercoasters, and carnival games.

and now to end this short post, like always, there are pictures to remind our future selves of the past.

ferris wheel... or safari cart...  something fun, whatever it is.

grandpa woof with a pile of rats.

the beach at hundinge.

Regan right before chemo.  she has since gotten a short 'transition' haircut, and I cannot find a picture.  it'll get posted though.

the heavy, fun, kind of rain.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise to find this post today! Thanks, Greg! Love to all, Kathy-Mom

Phyllis Noble said...

Thank you, Greg!

nina said...

I want to know where the woof came from! And if grandpa is woof aka farfar, then what must you be to each other and the kids? Fess up -- what nicknames are tossed around in your household?

greg|regan said...

Hi Nina,

Farfar in Danish is for the paternal grandpa (father('s) father). There's also farmor for paternal grandma.

There's mormor and morfar for the maternal grandma and grandpa.

And also bedstemor or bedstefar as a more general term for grandma and grandpa.

As for our other nicknames, you'll have to check your email. =)