Tuesday, January 14, 2014

watch the blue line

today i had my first round of radiation.  it started forty five minutes late, but that was okay because i had my book.  first one woman came out and told me they were running late and they would get me in fifteen minutes and then twenty minutes later another woman came out and told me they were running late and they would get me in fifteen minutes and twenty minutes or so later, they did.  and then it was a lot of instructions that for some reason felt more complicated to me than they should have for the very basic tasks that they were... take this bag here, go to the room labeled one or two and put this on and do you know what this is for and that's okay if you don't and this is what we see on the screens while you are lying there and you can put your shoes over here and don't move, let us move you, and breath in and watch the screen and the blue line moving up to the yellow line so the blue line turns green and hold it there and breath out and breath in and breath out and breath in and breath out and find a number for your bag on your way out and don't forget to put the little blanket back inside of it.  

greg came with, for this first round.  afterwards, we ate lunch and imagined our future plans.  on the train we talked about his short-term goals for work and i thought that i too needed a goal and we decided maybe a children's book so i wrote down some thoughts on the back of my radiation schedule and outside all day, or at least in the morning, it looked like this...

now it is time to get the boys and we'll have potato and leek soup, because for reasons of some bakery bread we need to eat and the potatoes looking like they'd rather not wait, that meal is cutting in line ahead of the lentils, which i'd always had a hunch it might do.


Lee I said...

I had no idea radiation took such active participation.

nina said...

When is your last treatment? I want to look forward with you to the end of all this!
I love that you're making both long and short term plans. A sign of normal times!

Davis Ciotola said...

Yes to a children's book!!!

Sara said...

Yay! One down. That is a lot of fussy instruction. I think I was just told to take my shirt off and lie down on the cold stone table.

Yay! Children's story!


Phyllis Noble said...

Ooooh, children's story! Would you do both text and illustration?

How often do you have to go in for radiation? Every day, four days a week? Something like that?

Pedaling through snow with a flat tire? If you can do that and then put supper on the table, you can do anything!

greg|regan said...

Well when you put it that way Phyllis!

Yes, 5 days a week.

And I wish I were better at drawing than I am.