Monday, January 13, 2014


it is officially winter in denmark.  we've finally had our first snow.  i think in the end, it will not have left a huge layer on the ground, but driving into it on my bike, it did not feel insubstantial.  putting my hand up and telling it to stop getting into my eyes didn't seem to make a difference.  lesson learned... snow is sort of like a two year old child in how much it listens to what i say.

one of the burley tires has a hole in it, but we've been getting by for the past few days by simply pumping it up anytime we go to use it.  this afternoon of course, as i went to pump it up after both boys were strapped in (because i forgot about it until that point), i realized there was just no point (after being crouched down mittenless for three minutes trying to give it life).  so i drove it back home, through the snow, on one good tire... well three if you add my bike tires... trying to blow warm air onto my fingers through my gloves.

oh winter in denmark.  welcome back.

and somehow we did not sit down to dinner until six thirty, despite the fact that i spent all of yesterday prepping multiple meals to make dinnertime easier this week.  (i start radiation tomorrow so it seemed like a wise thing to stay ahead of the game, so to speak.) regardless of tonight's late start (it is hard to keep two little boys from over snacking before dinner when you do dinner anytime later than the five o'clock hour), i think yesterday's prep work did have some benefit.  we had three good dishes, rather than three mediocre ones... a white bean salad, a cabbage and celery root cole slaw (because we really did (and still do) have celery root sitting in our fridge waiting to be used), and baked jerusalem artichokes with tomato sauce and parmesan (because it's true, we really can't seem to get rid of the jerusalem artichokes for good and are actually starting to like them alright... well... not the kids... they will say, "i do not like these potatoes").

tomorrow we do lentils, the next day leek and potato soup (with maybe the rest of the bean salad thrown in), then black bean chili, then leftovers (assuming there's plenty leftover because none of these will be huge hits with the boys... i suppose that begs the question about the leftovers).

after dinner, as bribery to get them into their pajamas, we warmed up some apple cider and cinnamon sticks on the fireplace and drank it by candlelight.

william took pictures...

i love the dreamy look on his face.  

and then turned the camera over to us...

 that's a cinnamon stick. not a cigar.

and that's how the first winter day in denmark played out.  you never know what a day will bring. driving snow, flat tires, late dinner... and yet... just about perfect all around.


Sue A said...

Love your blog! It's like reading a good book...full of warmth and love with a good dash of drama thrown in.
Love to your family with a special hug to my little twin of course.

kat said...

You never know what a day will bring indeed. Beautiful photos. Love to you all! Sending you strength and healing as Radiation Road begins.

Kendee said...

Loved seeing familiar the candlestick holders :) Glad you found new candles! Love to all!