Monday, August 11, 2014

4 minute update

4 minutes... okay 3 now because i had to log into blogger.

because in three minutes i want to call the hospital and find out what time little h man goes in tomorrow to have his tonsils and (probably) adenoids removed.  so that's happening in our lives.  then i have to keep him calm for 2 weeks.  you know henry?  you're probably wondering just how i'm going to do this.  well... good question.

and then i'm going to pick william up from his very first day of school!  actual school, not preschool, or what is known here as kindergarten for 3-6 year olds (so what henry is in now), but actual zero grade.  which is... i think... equivalent to american kindergarten.  they start kids here a year later than they do in the states.  so that's happening too.

our trip to the u.s. was a success and somehow we managed to move into our new place the day we arrived back, jet lagged and carrying 3 50 pound suitcases and 4 backpacks among us on two trains and a bus.

greg: last week he got to work at CERN in geneva, so that was pretty cool for him.  now he's busy with experiments, using the things he made there.

me: well, tired, but chugging along.  i've got a couple tests coming up on wednesday, follow-up, routine ones to make sure i'm still a cancer-free individual, which admittedly i don't always imagine i am.  like that game you play at an amusement park, hitting the little heads that pop up with a hammer... as soon as one ache or pain goes away, another mysterious one pops up in its place.  i guess you could say i'm looking forward to hearing what these test results have to say.

anyway, that's that.  and now i'm 4 minutes past my timeframe, and oh man... it just started raining.  ah well.


Sheila Tow said...

I have prayer going out for you, Regan, for a good report from your tests on Wednesday. Love you!! Mom

Anonymous said...

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nina said...

A post! How awesome is that! And one with a mixture of life's more and less dramatic events. Well, may they all turn out to be trivial concerns. You know I wish that for you! Now I am going to try to guess what the letters (numbers?) are below to convince you I am not a robot. Which will take more than 4 mins.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like 3 weeks with lots of ice cream for your son :D
Ohh and his brother starting in a whole new reformed school this year ,lots of changes , e.g. longer school days and introducing english from 1 grade.


Phyllis Noble said...

3369So good to get a posting from you! I'll be thinking about you in your today, Wednesday, which is still our Tuesday for part of an hour more. May the report be all crystal clear!

Your hibiscus flowers, big as dinner plates, are doing their amazing thing yet again. You leave beauty and wonder behind you! Thank you!

Judy said...

Thanks for the update. It's great to have a little window on your life. xoxo