Monday, December 14, 2015

sankta lucia

just before eight this morning... there is frost this morning, which is unusual so far this year.  the boys and greg took the forest path... here, they're walking up to the bike path after getting out of the forest.  henry and greg will go to henry's school.  william and i head to his school so i can watch a santa lucia performance with him...

and later in the afternoon, we all head to henry's school to watch him perform in the traditional sankta lucia procession... you can look for him acting silly (and then pausing to hug his dad) at around 35 seconds. later, he's the one who runs into the tree and loses the crown from his head.  the boy who loves being the actor, but hates to follow his lines.  ah, but we love him so!

and just a couple more pictures from the outdoor fest after the performance... 
the traditional buns made on this day

lights of course, today
and if you don't know about this santa lucia day, you can read about it here (though this focuses on the ways it is celebrated in sweden, where it was adopted from by denmark).  (oh, and i should probably mention that the actual day was yesterday, but because it is commonly celebrated in schools and preschools here, it's happening today.)

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nina said...

Lovely! Though I do want to say to the teachers -- pitch it at a note the kids can reach! But it is touching and beautiful for its simplicity.