Sunday, June 24, 2012

bread and coffee

i think i can be drawn out of bed by a cup of coffee and some cinnamon bread.  

this i say to greg in the morning after he is up and i am back to sleep.  earlier i was up with henry and he was sleeping.  but my six hours of sleep is not enough, so i shut our door and read a little (a good book... 'teacher man') and try to fall asleep again.  i think i'm successful, but i'm getting hungry for breakfast, which has me thinking of tasty and not so healthy options.  

and then there's cinnamon bread and coffee on the table!  i have a piece and then try to fill myself up with oatmeal so i'm less tempted to eat half the loaf.  i think i'm not successful on that front.  

and then greg goes for a run.  laundry. henry naps.  william and i read a book about rain because it's another rainy day.  one day on, one day off, except tomorrow promises to be an exact repeat of today, and so the pattern predicting a beautifully sunny day tomorrow is broken.  

later the guys get into their rain gear, though william goes with his winter jacket instead of his rain jacket, and greg takes them to play soccer.  they're cold when they come back and we have a pot of warm soup for dinner. 

tomorrow i'll venture beyond getting to our washing machine.  today, i'll enjoy the end to our perfect fall day in june, inside.  maybe with a little more cinnamon bread.   

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nina said...

It's sort of like I imagine Seattle to be. Except you have better cakes and pastries!