Sunday, June 17, 2012


the day started out beautiful, which meant it would rain.  

william's gift to greg for father's day was a little lego set they could build together.  we got it yesterday and he hid it from greg under henry's bed.  before 5:30 this morning he could wait no longer.  he woke greg up to wish him a happy father's day and showed him the present.  greg thanked him and let him know it was still a little early.  but william had been patient long enough and went ahead and built it, waking greg up whenever he needed help.  

we had peanut butter oatmeal cookies (as well as the usual oats) for breakfast which i'd made (and we, the grownups of the house, snacked on) the night before (the cookies, not the oats), and later, as a surprise for me, we shared a chocolate covered donut, as tomorrow is my birthday, and we will be celebrating it in a conference hotel, learning all about our not-so-new-at-this-point country (and, for some reason, i've been wanting a donut lately).  it was remarkably less sweet than its north american relative. 

later we met a friend from danish class and his wife at a jazz festival by the harbor.  it rained on our way over.  it was a difficult rain to ride in as the wind had it blowing directly into our eyes.  

"are you having a hard time keeping your eyes open?" i asked greg as i alternated the eye i kept closed and the eye i kept half open in order to navigate.     

but as we parked and dried ourselves off, the rain stopped and the day turned nice... sometimes chilly, but never cold.  in keeping with the day's sugar trend, william ate ice cream, though we did manage to get a few vegetables into him at dinner time. 

william walking to the dock...                             

at the harbor...

greg and our friend, juan, discussing something that appears to be puzzling them both...

tomorrow we go to køge, learn about denmark.  and i turn 32!  


Vicki Holdwick said...

Happy B'day, tomorrow, Regan,

I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog and wish you the best on your Danish adventure!


nina said...

Happy birthday!
P.S. -- how come you guys are in jackets and your friend is in short sleeves??
Such lovely stories! As always!

greg|regan said...

thanks vicki and nina!

nina-- in juan's backpack is a jacket and scarf that he probably put on and took off about five times in the course of the afternoon!