Monday, April 8, 2013


we dragged ourselves out the door this morning.  give us a time change and a little vacation and we are slow to find our way back to a normal routine that involves a decent number of hours of sleep each night.  all of us.  

it was froggy when we woke up with a promise of sun and (relative, as in somewhere under 50 F) warmth.  i sat through regular danish class taking practice tests (we are taking our modul 3 (of 5, or 6 if you are so ambitious, and possibly willing to pay... i'm not quite sure how it works) test on friday, or next friday, depending on how we did on our practice tests today.  anyway, feeling pretty good or not so bad about it all and getting to math class and feeling pretty lost (danish comprehension-wise) and wondering where i fit in... probably on the low end of some range of normal for having taken nearly a year of danish classes.  

outside of class, getting ready to go home, i get gutsy and decide to put my sleeping bag like down coat into my backpack and ride home with my fleece for warmth.  my one problem though is my ears.  i cannot abide them getting cold because when they do it is like a very bad earache.  but the sun is shining and it feels warmer than it's felt in awhile, so i ride away with nothing to cover them.  three minutes later though i am taking off my mittens and sticking them into my helmet to cover my ears.  this doesn't really help much until i stick the thumbs of my mittens into my ears like ear phones.  from the shadow in front of me, i determine i look like a long-eared dog with its head sticking out of a car window.  still, it's not keeping my ears warm enough, so eventually i give up on the mittens, pull the coat out of my backpack, unsnap the hood and wear that instead.  it is perfectly warm as it has been for me all winter, but it's too late for my ears.  they hurt.  i pick up the guys and put henry's back-up hat on him and squeeze into his oversized red one.  we stop at the grocery store and then go home.  there is a package-- a final birthday present waiting for william from a pair of his grandparents.  two lego sets, which of course he likes nothing more than to find sitting in a box waiting for him.  he spends the rest of the evening, aside from dinner, putting one together, and i sit next to him, happily watching him assemble, tired from the night before, trying not to interfere with suggestions, which he hardly needs anyway, while greg takes henry on a burley walk to the forest which is hardly a forest but which does have a lake... 

the little man, who when asked today if he was a big boy or a little boy, told me he was a baby.  

i like that he gave that answer... after all, why rush it? 

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