Thursday, April 25, 2013


not much to say.  greg is picking up a friend from the airport who was down in germany for work.  he'll stay with us for a couple of days.  william is very excited (he met jake but only when he was very little. he does not remember him).  he asks when he's coming ("is tomorrow the morning i'll wake up and jake will be here?") and says he doesn't remember what he looks like and wonders if he likes legos.

oh.... but it's so late.  i must go to sleep now.  tomorrow hopefully.  with pictures.  goodnight! 


Anonymous said...

well - does jake like legos?

Phyllis Noble said...

Miss you! Hope you're just on overload and otherwise OK.

greg|regan said...

Thanks Phyllis! You had it right!

Giraffrey-- yes. I believe he was quoted as saying to William, "I like Legos."