Wednesday, April 24, 2013

tricksy language

at the check-out line at the super best this morning the cashier asked me (in danish) if i wanted something.  i couldn't translate it but discerned it to be something i didn't want.  my receipt possibly or these little stickers they're passing out for people to collect and then redeem for some free item i have no use for.  so after a moment's delay for processing purposes i said, 'nej tak.' (no thanks.)  she then proceeded to hand me my receipt and the little stickers.

hmm.. must evaluate where i went wrong there.


ArtZ said...

In my opinion, Danish is the most difficult among Nordic languages (I mean grammar and pronounciation).

greg|regan said...

ArtZ, even more difficult than Finnish? (Which I know little about.)

Anonymous said...

For a dane,norweigian,or swede the finnish language is as foreign sounding as japanese or chineese,it belongs to the uralic language family spoken in e.g Hungary.
Finland is regarded a nordic country because of its historical past ,it was ruled by Sweden for centuries, even today swedish is spoken by a minority in Finland.


Anonymous said...

If the cashier asked you ,after she finnished the scannig, it was proberly a ? If you wanted the kassebon(receipt),and if you ,as a true dane would...:D, mumbled your "nej tak" she heard it as a "ja tak" ..