Monday, May 21, 2012


a day that started warm and ended warm.  not once did i (seriously) consider my mittens or my earmuffs.  

even yesterday, on our trip to the zoo, there they were, packed in the backpack, just in case.  

but i learned from yesterday-- you can have a purely almost hot day in denmark.  even two almost hot days in a row.  days where half the local goats seek shade and i think... hmm... shorts? but that would involve digging through blue bins, so i'll see how serious this almost hot weather is about sticking around before i modify my standard uniform.  

this morning i drop off the guys at school.  william is doing well now in the mornings.  at least it seems.  i go to the store to pick up whatever provisions we have run out of.  go home, do a quick cleaning up around the house, a load of laundry, and sit down to learn danish.  a knock at the door.  it is my neighbor, sarah.  "ah, you are studying danish. would you like some help?"  yes. perfect timing.  and so, with her help, i study my lesson and feel that much more prepared when class comes along.  

the wind on the ride there seems to be coming from more than one direction at a time, if that is possible.   i consult with greg.  he says no.  a vector plus a vector makes another vector.  


unless you were in the center of a tornado, or some other strange place.  

probably not... 

greg has unexpected (as in, a day early) visitors, so he does not go to class.  i give him a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread i have brought for him.  in class, the teacher asks if i've heard anything from the school.  no, i haven't.  okay, she will email them again about switching classes.  

i pedal home and the wind is still strong, even if it does not technically defy the rules of physics.  i stop at the fjord where it looks sort of like summer... 

and up vestre kirkevej, to our goats (and sheep), who are lazing at the top of the hill today, close to the bike path...
mama goat. baby goat.
some in the shade.  some in the sun.

later, we eat dinner outside with our neighbors.  they have grilled ribs, and we add some sort of danish sausage to the table.  greg gets home late.  his visitors are ambitious.  william keeps him company while he eats as i attempt to get henry to sleep, which has proven difficult the last two evenings.  nothing about sleep in our children's lives is a constant.  i've heard about large numbers of babies who seem to pick a schedule at an early age, and stick to it, so that their parents can say with confidence, for example, "our son sleeps from 7:30 to 7:30."

well... maybe we're in a tornado... or maybe they are.

at dinner, william chronicles his father's meal, and the doors, wide open on such a summery evening...

and a very short video to end with.  where are those little packets of wipes when you need them?  

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