Wednesday, May 16, 2012

plans and life on a wednesday

this morning after dropping the guys off, i rode over to roskilde university to ask about their graduate programs and get my question answered about tuition.  the answer:  no, i am not eligible with my residency status, for government paid schooling.  but i would be considered for a tuition waiver if i applied to a master's program.  there are some (unknown to me) number of these waivers for those students who have to pay tuition.  they seem to be divvied out to all programs in equal numbers.  their most popular programs are business and economics.  so that's where the most competition would be (and that is where my practical application of economic principles ends.  hence i will not be applying to that, most popular of programs). my interests fall into the 'international development studies' and 'global studies' programs.  you basically have to do a combined program of two subjects.  unfortunately, these two are not combined for the february 2013 start date-- the earliest semester for which i can apply.  they are both offered in combination with other subjects, which i am less interested in.  and they are offered in combination with each other for fall 2012, for which i am too late to apply.

so... we'll see.  applications are due september 15th.  it gives me some time to think it over.

before we leave trekroner, which is where roskilde university is located, and bike over to danish lessons, let me show you some pictures from the area.  this, i can remind you, is where most of the co-housing is located.  such a lovely place to live, if only we could...

now to danish lessons.  i went directly over and ate an early lunch and finished my homework.  it seems i am always doing it last minute.  but, in accordance with my life's plans, as laid out yesterday, i asked my teacher about switching to a more accelerated program.  "yes, yes! good idea.  you can do three days a week.  we'll call the school now, see if you can get in next week." no one answers.  she'll send an email.  they'll send me a letter, telling me where to go.  this will end my standing lunch date with greg two times a week, but maybe it will force me to focus more of my energy on learning danish. a trade-off.

i bike up vestre kirkevej slowly.  it is a windy day that has slowed down the entire return trip. plus my legs are tired from biking around trekroner in the morning and up its own sizeable hill.  i consider my options. my plans.  still amorphous, yet taking shape.  other small things-- an international (elementary) school in roskilde has asked me to contact them in august.  probably nothing there for me but try because you never know.  and five flyers hang in various places around roskilde university as of this morning, advertising that i can edit papers written in english.  my fcap students from this summer are likely reliving their days spent with me in editville if any of them are reading that last sentence.  i can only hope i didn't scar them for their entire letter-, pleading-writing careers.

plans, plans.  plans will have to wait.  denmark is closed tomorrow for ascension day.  and mostly closed the next day for the day after ascension day.  this means the guys are home, and, unless henry suddenly becomes a well-behaved danish child by tomorrow morning, there will not be much time devoted to studying danish or anything else that does not involve prying him from the top of whatever pieces of furniture he's learned to climb in the last day or so.  he has good technique but he still makes me nervous.  i suppose if he keeps it up and climbs mountains when he's 30, he'll still be making me nervous.  life.  i should just get used to it.

well.  for now, vi ses i morgen! (see you tomorrow.)

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