Thursday, May 24, 2012

spiders for sunshine

this weather... you're bored of it by now... but it just makes everything feel so hopeful.  to have the windows and doors open.  what could be better?  sometime soon we're going to have to go around and collect all the spiders that have made the corners of our house their home, and i did spend a few minutes today encouraging a couple of bees to mozy out, which they were anxious to do anyway.  as long as a bird or a squirrel doesn't find its way in, i'm happy to take in a few insects for the ability to enjoy this weather inside and out... at least during the day.  we haven't been brave enough to keep open a screen-less window at night, but if it gets much warmer, we may find our courage... and likely, quite a few more spiders.

so, progress... would you call it that?  i had my first, maybe only, person answer the ad i posted at roskilde university about editing english papers.  (hopefully they never see the many grammatical faux pas taking up residence in this blog.)  i have yet to hear back after answering her question about price, but my neighbor, sarah, reassured me that danes are a bit slower at answering emails than americans.  so, keep your fingers crossed that i'll be getting a 25 page research paper riddled with missing apostrophes and misspelled words... sounds like my kind of fun... seriously.  i know, sad.

more progress... if you would call it that... i read an article in the copenhagen post (a danish newspaper written in english) the other day, which quoted an immigration and family law attorney.  i suggested to my "hopes-and-dreams" agency that i might contact him to see if he could use any (volunteer, non-practicing lawyer) help.  they said, "let us call him first.  better for a dane to make the first contact."  which they did, and he was interested... i guess you could ask, "who wouldn't be interested in free help?" in any event, i sent him an email and my spiffed up danish-ish CV this afternoon, and... haven't heard back yet.

next... i don't think you could call this progress, but... i have the opportunity to talk to a casting producer from house hunters international.  apparently they do rentals too.  who knew?  i don't know.  what do you think?  tell me... should i do it?  i like the idea of being on the show because they always get a house in the end, and we need a house.  still, i feel a little nervous just about the idea of letting the casting producer call me, let alone having a film crew follow me around as i critique someone else's home.  plus, greg and i are so agreeable that we probably wouldn't actually critique anything.  and, i can't imagine they'd come all the way to denmark and not want to film some person with deeper pockets moving to copenhagen instead.  okay... the lady doth protest too much, methinks.  but i really want to hear what you think?  oh, speaking of that, i fixed the comments settings awhile back, since a few people said they couldn't get it to work, but i know fb and email has worked well too.

okay, i will leave you with a few pictures from tonight's sommerfest at william and henry's school...

perfect landing. and henry's tennis shoe'd foot on rung three.

tree climbing

tire swinging

henry parachuting with his wonderful teacher, sebahat

playing house

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nina said...

I had to look up the show -- not having cable has its drawbacks!

I think it sounds really cool and very low risk with a potential for a great benefit -- my favorite combination of traits!

...and then you could free up funds for Europe travel. By train, up and down the continent!