Tuesday, February 24, 2015

first one, then the other

greg's day started early at 4:30 a.m.  he's "on call" this week in case one of their complicated sounding machines breaks down, and this morning it did.  production needs to start very early in the morning so what they're making can get to the hospitals on time for patients (like me-- i have been the recipient of their isotopes twice now) so it wasn't a phone call he could ignore.

despite william's nearly 11 hours of sleep last night, he is still tired out from the winter holiday and stated that he would probably fall asleep during the movie, 'paddington,'  which his class was going to the theater to see today.  something about winning it in a christmas bingo game.  i am not exactly clear on that point.  it doesn't sound like he fell asleep during it though as he was able to relate key plot points to me and especially liked when paddington bear took a sandwich out of his hat and threw it at the film's antagonist.

henry was dancing when i got to school.  he ate only meatballs for dinner (we ate at the common house tonight and he wouldn't even hear of keeping the coleslaw and potatoes on his plate and one of his parents acquiesced).  he's snoring loudly right now, as he's been doing ever since he caught cold a few weeks back.  it's a little disheartening to hear after his many months of post-tonsil reduction quiet.

me.  i'm just tired.  the kind of tired i get in my muscles, in my bones, when i've had a physically (for me) demanding day, like pulling a burley, that sort of thing.  i also got my blood taken today because i have my 'routine' CT scan coming up on monday (with the results a keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seats 2 weeks later).

so, to bed, or to look for houses in madison for our two month sojourn there.  in any case, more tomorrow (i hope!).


nina said...

Yes, more tomorrow! I'll pay you! (Though not a lot.)(Maybe in nonmonetary ways.)

Is Henry fussier in eating than William?

I wish I could help you with the house hunt... If you want me to check something out, let me know!

greg|regan said...

we thought we were on to something with a couple houses but no response back so far. =/

it's hard to say who's fussier. in general i'd say neither are very fussy simply because they will both eat things that i think no normal (american) child would eat (liver pate with pickled beets on heavy dark bread being the best example i can come up with), and today henry made up for his meat-only dinner by co-opting my salad at lunch and declaring, "salad is the greatest thing in the world!' that's basically what they are: inconsistent in their fussiness or lack of...

nina said...

For a long time, Caroline ate only saltine crackers for lunch at school. If I packed anything else, she'd just bring it home. And when we traveled, both girls would search the menus for veal scallops. Common in Europe, certainly uncommon in Wisconsin eateries!