Thursday, February 19, 2015

three years in denmark

see the post title?  it's been that.  on tuesday, it became three years in denmark.  my mom joked that now i can stop writing the blog.  its destiny fulfilled.  except that i've missed so many days, so many posts.  perhaps i should aim for 1,095 posts.  i'm at a measly 456, according to blogger.  (i did not count) but today i did look back at some old posts with william and henry, who are home this week for 'vinterferie' (winter break).  i wanted to show william the video of himself on his 4th birthday (as henry just turned four last week (older now than william was when we moved here!)), smacking his lips at the idea of chocolate cake while nearly simultaneously disavowing the reality that allowed for the cake-- turning 4.  he desperately loved 3, as time with it dwindled away.  he loved watching the video (if you want to see it, go to the april 1, 2012 post) and loved hearing me read some older posts to him.  it made me think that this blog is good, in the sense that it gives this family a record of the mundane (and the not so) and that it forced me to practice writing on a daily basis, at least for awhile.  it got me thinking it was so good that i decided to write now.  i meant to write on tuesday, the blog's namesake day, but that didn't happen.  and why should i do it now?  well, now i shouldn't.  henry, who was outside digging holes in a small hill of dirt with his brother has just come back inside and wants to build something with me with the citi blocks, which came from madison with us, on the ship, with fluffy... if you can remember back that far.

so more later.


nina said...

Oh! Has it been three years?!

You know I am your biggest blog fan! (Even as there are countless others who feel equally passionate about your writing.) But I never thought you should write for us. It's your effort, your record, mainly for you, of a very beautiful life.

One of the nicest sentences from today is the one that tells me Henry loved his third year. I mean, that just brought such a smile to my face!

I hope you write. Always.

Hugs from your fan of fans.

Sara said...

I'm here by way of NIna's blog and wanted to encourage you to use Blurb-it turns your blog into a book. We lived away from home for a time and remembering everything-including little kid antics-is hard to do as life goes on (and I'm only 39). But, having the stories of my blog and pictures to go with it? It's a lot of fun.

Congratulations on 3 years in Denmark!

greg|regan said...

Thank you Nina, and hi Sara-- I know you from Nina's blog. =) I will check out Blurb-it. Thank you!