Saturday, February 21, 2015

saturday, snow and rain

i'm doing another post tonight, not because i necessarily have anything to say (if that doesn't draw you in, i don't know what will!), but because i'm trying to see if i can get myself back into the habit of posting more regularly.  so, if you're still reading this, you'll just have to bear with me.  i might as well be telling you to sit down and watch me eat lunch.  but actually, if you'd watched today you might have wanted to pick up a fork and tuck in (how does that transfer to the analogy of reading this post? that if it were an exciting one, maybe you'd want to tell your own exciting story?) anyway... lunch... it was at a place called pipers hus on top of a hill overlooking a city park with some friends.  now, there was a humongous brunch plate option that i would have been drawn to normally, but a) it had some sugary items, and it's still february, so sugar's off the table, so to speak, and b) it had about three different red/cured meat items, and that i try to limit, which would have meant i'd be paying $20 for toast and eggs.  warily, i got the smoked salmon salad.  i say warily because well, i've become wary of salads with smoked salmon.  i really love smoked salmon but they're on the menu of every restaurant i've ever been to in denmark and they are hit or miss, more often the latter.  not the salmon so much but the salad part (and this is easily explained by the fact that i just do not (i.e. cannot afford to) go to nice enough restaurants).  oh why am i telling you in so much detail that despite my pavlovian response to fear the smoked salmon salad and therefore avoid it, i ordered it today and it was wonderful all around?

i don't know.  my inner critic is telling me the smoked salmon salad story is done.

and because it's the last official non-school night of winter ferie, we had our third movie night and tonight it was greg's choice and he chose 'robin hood' (the 1970's disney cartoon version) and we recognized the voice of friar tuck as the frightened marshall of shinbone in 'the man who shot liberty valance' which we'd watched (sans boys) just the other night.  

the boys spent most of the day playing with a neighbor friend who'd just gotten back into town, and i think the best part was when they took out the friend's homemade go-cart with a milk crate seat and no brakes.  i was a good mom.  i made them wear their helmets.

so that's that.  inspired?  tell your own story now.  salad a little too wilted?  well... there's bound to be some misses.


Sara said...

Yay! Keep writing!

Kendee said...

Makes me smile to see you writing again!

Kendee said...

Makes me smile to see you writing again!

nina said...

Several things stand out: how, over the years, friends (yours or your sons') have increasingly made their way into your days and therefore into your blog. Secondly -- I'd like to see smoked salmon salads on more menus in Wisconsin instead of the ubiquitous burgers and fried everything else. And thirdly -- we eat huge salads at dinnertime. So huge are they that Ed will often not finish his and eat it as a leftover for lunch the next day. Wilted, dressed salad. The man loves leftovers.

So nice to have you write a third post in a row. I start falling back into the rhythm of your days and that's super cool.

greg|regan said...

thanks for the encouragement, S, K, and N!
nina, that's my lunch for tomorrow. a hopefully not too wilted salad. i'm a pretty big fan of leftovers for lunch too!