Friday, February 20, 2015

short (somewhat pointless) post

greg thinks i should do another post even though it's 10:30 at night here.  that would have been prime blogging time two years ago, but two years can do a lot to a person's stamina given the right conditions.  so this will be short, just like yesterday's.  but short means quicker to read, right?

so what did we do today?  well, greg took the day off.  he's got some vacation time to burn and the boys are on their last day of winter ferie (don't you think ferie (pronounced 'fairy') is such a nicer name for 'vacation' than vacation, or break?).

william slept over at a neighbor-friend's house last night and greg, henry, and i stayed up late watching 'annie' (the carol burnett 80's version ("why any kid would want to be an orphan is beyond me.")... (henry's choice), (a past favorite of mine when i was william's age)... so we all slept in (until 8:30!) this morning.  then cleaned up in anticipation of some old neighbors coming over for cake and coffee.  (i began tutoring their older daughter in english today.) (and to my sister: i only had a small little corner of cake... (we are doing a sugar-free february challenge... 15 grams per day is the limit.)) i tried getting them to tell us who has the better danish accent, greg or me, and they just laughed, which i took to mean, me.  (the logic being... well... no logic really, i'm just sure i have the better accent.)

is this too many parentheses?  i suppose i just have too much parenthetical information to share with you today.  it's a fine day when it's just the little, parenthetical stuff that dominates.  then pizza (ordered out) for dinner.  i tried counting back... i think this is only the fourth time we've ordered pizza to-go (or delivered) for dinner since we've lived here in denmark.  so often it's (as compared to the u.s. where ordering a pizza is... well... what would you say?  so american?) expensive, small, and not very good.  we tried a new place tonight and it was expensive, decently sized (in the sense that we ordered three and there were still a few half-eaten crusts left over, thanks to henry), and alright (which is better than 'not very good').  then an attempt at an early (or at least not late) bedtime for the boys.  william seemed to succumb to sleep without much trouble.  henry tossed and turned, but he's been snoring now for a good hour and a half.

so, that's the short update on our friday.  stay warm if you're in the midwest, probably the east coast too.  it's only going to be february for another 8 days (7 1/2 really).


Sara said...

I loved the photo of the pizza box--all the comments that occurred to me weren't fit to print! And your post reminds me of pizza in Peru, whew! Just round enough to remind you of pizza.

Warmed up to 16 degrees today!


nina said...

Okay, a couple of things: what photo of a pizza box? Too, dont you think it's interesting that you have two Saras commenting back to back and it's not the same Sara? Then, on the subject of pizza: it's not as if it's easy to find great pizza where I live (Fitchburg). Finally, I love your short post with parentheses! I often offend in the same way only I also add an abundance of these guys: !!!!! They say a good writer would never use exclamation marks for emphasis. Well now!

greg|regan said...

Sara, oh I wish I could see your pizza box comments! And 16 degrees! That would be great... if it were in celsius. I can't even picture what 16 F would feel like anymore. I mean, I sort of can, but I shudder to think that it can really get that cold and so much colder. Thanks for the heads up on Peruvian pizza.

Nina-- did you find the pizza box picture? On FB. Also, yes, when I see the comments on my phone (via email) I can't tell which Sara is commenting. Maybe Fitchburg doesn't have great pizza, but you are at least in the vicinity of Madison, which does. I almost put a smiley face in this post and then took it out.

Anonymous said...

Actually danish sounds soft and nice when spoken bye an american ,I personaly think.
The ultimate danish language test ...:D would be this phrase , rødgrød med fløde....


greg|regan said...

Hi Erik,
I think I do a decent rødgrød med fløde, but I'm sure any Dane would laugh at the attempt!