Friday, May 3, 2013


"i'm feeling scared because today is my first day without wearing long underwear."  

yes.  that is what i said to greg this morning.  and it's true.  i was very trepidatious about it, but knowing it was going to be in the mid- to high fifties and that we are now in a season with no letter 'r' in it (the rule for when to wear and when not to wear long underwear in denmark), i decided to brave the morning cold-- which really wasn't so bad.  i couldn't get rid of my mittens or my second hood until the afternoon though, and by that point i was passing people with shorts on.  

at the playground... 

when we got home, william wanted to put shorts and a t-shirt on and henry wanted to ride his bike.  so william went in and henry got on his bike.  a few minutes later william came out in tennis shoes, socks, and underwear, unable to get his two shirt layers off.  with his star wars watch on his wrist, he looked like a miniature iron man competitor.

it was hard to keep a straight face.

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