Wednesday, May 29, 2013


(greg here)
a quick update on the whole cancer ordeal:  very good news came from a PET/CT scan showing no evidence for metastatic disease. hooray!

it is amazing how our feelings about cancer could change so drastically over the course of a week.  last week the diagnosis was stunning (in the taser sense) and devastating.  this week we experienced near jubilation at the fact that the cancer is just 'normal old cancer' as if all of a sudden it lost its teeth. still however, every once in a while (about twenty times per hour), the terror of it all strikes with the realization that this is by no means settled (nor has treatment even begun for that matter) and there is a long way to go with many pitfalls on the way.  those pitfalls are random and beyond anyone's control (e.g. the cancer may not respond to chemo... infection... basically any number of dreadful things), so they are better left to the corners of our imaginations while we keep our spirits up for the coming drudgery.  oh! to be able to just take a nap and wake up in 8 months with a healthy wife...

which brings me to this point:  life goes on!  amazingly we still have to do the dishes.  who knew?!

and that is the best part. (well not the dishes part, the life part).  we are still having great adventures with the boys, plus we've been able to have lunch together after all these appointments, and our friends have been doing a fantastic job distracting us from the aforementioned terrors.

below you'll find the evidence of our liveliness.

aside:  we've had to cancel our trip to the u.s. this summer.  the prospect of regan getting an infection, or a nasty side effect of chemotherapy while we are abroad is frightening.  here in dk she has access to 24 hour care if needed, and it has been made clear to us that if she starts getting sick we need to take it seriously.  if we go to the states and she gets a runny nose, we'll sit there wondering if we should spend $5,000 to go to the hospital when the cause could be just allergies.  so you see, we could make bad decisions based upon our lack of access to american healthcare.   we'll visit soon, just not too soon.

okay, nevermind all that.  back to the fun!      


nina said...

Man oh man, you guys are the best! (And where else in one household will you find two such good writers?)

Yay for the healthcare you are receiving. Truly, a big yay.

I'd say we'll try to help you keep her spirits up (and yours! you count!), but I think the boys are doing the bulk of the work for us!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice post, little brother. Hugs to the boys and little lady from the Milwaukee delegation.

Phyllis Noble said...

Thank you, Greg. Thank you.