Wednesday, May 8, 2013


it rained today, after so many days, how many days without it?  i thought i could make it to their school and back before it began pouring but i was wrong.  and so i took william's extra pair of rain pants and put it over my bike seat to get home, but already the downpour was ending and the rain was over and the rest of the day was spent drying out which it did fairly well.  there were times last year when it felt like things would never dry out before the next rain.  maybe those days just haven't come yet.  but this evening we could be outside, pulling weeds, some of us... looking at ants and snails, others, or riding bicycles.

greg came home early today and we went together to pick up the guys.  we stopped at the grocery store and picked things up for pizza because it was essentially a friday.  tomorrow i meet with the student i may tutor.  friday we skype with the family who may sublet our house this summer.  this week, at least, life is a puzzle and no one has walked away with the pieces.

but william did get a band-aid on his elbow.  henry too.

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nina said...

Shorts, no caps -- says it all! It's a lovely photo of the two of them, BTW.