Monday, May 6, 2013


little h. is getting mighty good on his bike lately.  especially when going downhill, he'll pick both feet up off the ground and cruise.  i never quite know if it's luck or balance that keeps him from tipping over.  he tries the occasional trick too... like steps... 
we can be thankful he's going up not down

tonight he decided he needed to do a little bike maintenance...

in other news... class for one, work for one, school for two.  class is going well.  at least it feels that way to me.  but like little balance-beam henry... is it balance?  is it luck?

in other, other news... we're in a three-day work week this week because of a holiday, we're trying to sublet our house, and i may do a little english tutoring.  william was commended on his tunnel-digging abilities.  and greg is being a good worker but a slightly less good danish student.

ten-thirty.  time to read my book club book.  i promise i'll get it to you soon, emily!

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