Sunday, November 1, 2015

first day of november

i wouldn't say grudgingly, but i put on (that free pair of) sweatpants this morning trying not to think in too much detail about the fact that i'd agreed to run (though maybe more of a walk, which is all right with me) the first sunday of the month's 3k race with the boys while greg ran one of the longer races (6, 9, or 12k).  maybe you remember back to october 1-- the boys and greg ran the 3k, henry wondering for days if he'd won the race (well... if it were opposite day, he would have come in second... just behind greg) and me, eating my oatmeal.  

but as the time got closer this morning, henry decided he did not want to go to the race.  greg left to pick up william from a sleepover (and go to the race with him) and henry and i played jenga.  and then we biked over to weekend kid's gymnastics.  

greg got the only picture of the day, at william's suggestion.  this is nearish to the race.  the race actually takes place near the ski hill in the far background.  this was taken after the race on a little expedition on their way home... 

i was so tired out from a big enough weekend that after we were all home i sat the boys and myself down in front of a pippi longstocking movie from 1969 and we very drowsily watched it (and i occasionally closed my eyes).

and then, what was meant to be a simple "let's make a dahl for dinner' turned into a 'let's make a dahl, naan, spiced rice, potatoes, greens, and mango lassi for dinner'... all hands on deck.  phew!  done. cleaned up.  tired.


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