Monday, November 30, 2015


just two pictures.  i'm still tired.  every day i'm a little less tired but by 8:00 at night, i'm still ready to be done.  so are most of you, i'm guessing!  we went to our first christmas market of the season yesterday.  it was fun to indulge in a little christmas craft shopping.  

yesterday was a preview of the month ahead.  next weekend we'll plan to buy our christmas tree.  but tomorrow the countdown of the month really begins.  we'll light our christmas candle each day, begin the advent calendar, and go have 'christmas morning-coffee' at henry's school... and danish is so tricky, 'christmas' 'morning' and 'coffee' can all be combined into one new, original, long word (see post title).

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nina said...

Today, as I took my granddaughter to the doctor (parents had busy work schedules), I was told: expect her to get 10 such viruses this winter.
Anyway, I'm glad each day is better for you. The first three weeks of December are such great fun for kids and therefore parents of kids.