Wednesday, November 4, 2015

pilgrim on a bike path

the cows don't seem to mind a cloudy day... 

yesterday i was on a different bike path.  the one with the shaggy cows.  when i'm riding home, they're in a field to my right, but yesterday i looked toward some community gardens on my left and there was one of the shaggy cows walking in my direction!  what was he doing on the other side of the bike path?!  did he have a garden plot over there?? i was so (happily) surprised that as i passed and with a huge smile on my face, shouted 'hi!!'  at that very moment, i realized there was an older woman pushing a wheelbarrow in between the cow and me.  it didn't seem like she realized the cow was behind her and thus it didn't seem like she realized my enthusiastic greeting was directed at the cow.  i imagine it must have gone down in her personal history book as one of the most spirited (and earnest) salutations she's ever received by a total stranger passing by on a bicycle.  (until she eventually must have noticed the cow, but by then i was on my merry way.)

two days in a row now i've passed an orange cat watching the cows in the picture.

i don't care that annie dillard says you can't see through to their brains as you can with other animals.  it isn't true.  neither the cat nor i would be drawn to a field of shoes.

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nina said...

Spirited salutations are always good! As are fields of cows (minus the bull).