Tuesday, November 24, 2015

salt water

i didn't get any pictures today.  three nights in a row i've woken up from sleep feeling achy and flu-like.  last night i also had a sore throat so bad i had to go down and gargle salt water.  "what was that noise?" greg asked.  in the morning i was at a whisper and though my voice came back as the day went on, at 8:15 my sore throat is getting worse again.

that's my explanation for not leaving the house today and not taking pictures.  i spent most of the day feeling achy on the couch getting the article that i'm writing done.  but we were running dangerously low on groceries, william was still in borrowed boots, so greg came home early, heated up some frozen broth for me, made me lunch, and rode the bus into town to get the groceries and the boots.  then he picked up henry, brought him home and went out again to get william who was at a friend's house.  cool.  thanks greg!

i'm going to be better tomorrow.  i have two appointments outside the house, so i have no choice!


nina said...

Oh poor you! Feel better, darn it!

nina said...

Are you better yet???