Saturday, July 21, 2012

another saturday night

it took us hours today to convince william to change out of his pajamas.  it wasn't a focused intervention, just the occasional, "why not get dressed?" ...  "how about picking out some play clothes?"  when an afternoon trip to the beach finally got him stirring he said about his pajamas, "they just feel so cozy on me."  it's hard for me to relate.  i'm not a pajamas-after-breakfast kind of person.  

i stay back.  i clean up. do laundry.  i find a piece of bread in the coat closet.  i find our missing dishcloth under our mattress cover.  i prep dinner.  then i make dinner.  as i'm cooking, they return.  william runs in with nothing but a helmet on and a lady bug in his hand.  (so much for the play clothes.)  "want to see this lady bug i found?" he says as he puts it on the kitchen counter.  "see how it's dark red?"  we look at it and then i suggest that he might want to put it outside before it gets lost.  he picks it back up and brings it out.  a minute later he brings it in again.  "see how small it is?  it's this small," he says, holding it out to me.  

henry runs in, nothing but a diaper on. 

we talk about the beach.  william tells me: 

"i held a jellyfish.  it was dead.  we dug a hole and put water in it with the bucket and then we put the jellyfish in, and then we took it out again and it was dead."  

"oh! okay!  well... make sure you wash your hands before dinner."  

we eat.  i do the dishes.  i find the ladybug hiding from the four year old on the underside of the colander.  

i hear a danish woman on the radio speaking with a perfect american accent.  

william and greg build an intricate lego monster.  they have cleaned up the lego chaos upstairs and i can only imagine that suddenly anything seemed possible.  

henry goes to sleep.  william's back in his pajamas.  we take down candy land to play a game before william goes to bed.  henry wakes up.  henry goes back to sleep.  we play a game.  william wins.  he goes to bed... approximately... he's trying.  

an ordinary saturday these days.

i'll leave you with pictures from the beach... keep an eye out for the dead jellyfish... you'll know it when you see it...


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