Saturday, July 28, 2012

short post

william and i watched our first badminton match today.  maybe you caught it-- women's doubles, japan v. denmark.  i think japan went in as the underdog because they were trailing in the first match and because i know badminton is such a big sport here.  it was hard for me to root for denmark.  i didn't.  i am definitely a fan of the underdog and the women from japan were just so obviously joyful and enthusiastic with each point they earned that it was easy to want them to win. and they did!  sorry denmark.

one thing i've noticed watching the olympics from denmark-- there are far fewer commercials.  in fact, i don't think i've seen a single one.  instead of going to commercial in between swim heats for example, you just watch close-ups of the crowd and listen to the danish commentators, who you don't even see.  less fuss and muss than what i'm sure is happening in america.  less bob costas.  less mcdonalds.

in other news, we did nothing with the new house today.  didn't even go over and stand in it.  greg seems to have caught the sore throat/fatigue illness i had last week.  william didn't get out of his pajamas until after lunch once again, and it rained for much of the day.  henry would have been game, but not necessarily a good partner for cleaning the bathrooms.

now the little ones are asleep and they're not rebroadcasting a badminton match-- it's men's swimming and i wonder if swimmers in the 80's used to walk out to the pool with their walkmans on.

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