Friday, July 13, 2012

what my son says about me

greg was up and out the door by 4 a.m. today to watch how 'productions' are done at his lab.  producing things that must get to hospitals by 8 a.m.  he was home early enough to get a nap before the guys were done at school, but still, it will be an early night for him.  i will keep this post short tonight in case there's a window of time to hang out after william falls asleep and before greg falls asleep and in case henry stays asleep.

why don't i leave you with a few recent quotes from william, and then go, scoot, enjoy a summer dinner and a movie tonight or go out with friends or play with your kids or whatever might suit you... because it's friday!

famous william quotes (from the week of july 8)...

#1: as i was explaining what a bruise is after he fell, jumping from the toilet, which he frequently stands on:

"mama you should be a doctor when you grow up."

#2: as i was apparently pestering him about something:

william: "mama, you're bugging me!"

me: "well, i'm done talking about it, so i won't bug you about it anymore."


william: "mama, you're still bugging me.  you're talking to me in my head and you're bugging me!"

#3: as i was explaining how our bodies rid themselves of waste (you rightly guess that this conversation occurred in the bathroom):

"well you don't know much because you're a lawyer... regan."  

touché, william!

now go! but come back tomorrow!

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