Wednesday, July 25, 2012


good news!  henry is normal!

oh henry, if you're reading this, i always knew you were.  but now the roskilde kommune knows you are too.  because today they came for a scheduled visit to see you.  it is denmark practicing preventative care.  if something's not right at one and a half, maybe they'll catch it and it won't become such a big problem later on.

so that was this morning.  assessing henry.  then i took him to school and caught william and his class as they were headed off to a playground (and you should see the amazing playground they have at this school).  tomorrow they go on a field trip-- i assume to the thursday concerts they've been to a couple of times now.  so many field trips!

back at home i sat outside and enjoyed a second summer day, talking with our neighbor, sarah.  and figured out plans for a small vacation to sweden with some visiting relatives in august.  getting there still needs to be worked out, but where we sleep and eat our breakfast once we're there seems to be settled.

when i got to the school to pick the guys up, henry was relaxing in the back of a 2-seater tricycle, waiting for a couple of girls to arrange the driving.  finally one of the girls got in the front seat and started pedaling him around the playground as i held on to his hand.  about halfway around she got out and began speaking to me in danish. it seemed like she was probably trying to tell us the ride ended here, but i gave her enough helpless looks that she eventually got back on the bike and pedaled henry around the full loop.

we ate our dinner outside with neighbors.  hamburgers on the grill.  bean salad (chick peas and cauliflower).  apple slices.  william ate another popsicle.  henry pulled too hard on the beaded necklace his brother made and william fixed it.

everybody went to bed, i wrote the blog, and then henry woke up before i hit 'publish.' so now i must hit 'publish' and get him back to sleep.

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