Thursday, July 5, 2012


you will be as disappointed as i am to know that the thatched roof house in the beautiful countryside didn't win me over so completely that i could shrug off the idea of a 20 mile per day school commute as a minor inconvenience, or, slightly more sane, way less hard-core, and completely financially unfeasible, that our love for this house didn't have us running to the car dealership to make this scenario work.  or that i put the guys on the waiting list for a new school.  

but it was a nice lead-up (even if the sky couldn't make up its mind today)... 

and the ducks were something to behold...

oh well... i'm still hopeful.  there will be another house.  i'm not being naive when i say that.  but... i'm coming close to losing the luxury of pickiness.  so it could be a 400 square foot, one bedroom, fifth floor walk-up, two towns over.  which might be okay if there weren't four of us.  but maybe i'm being naive about our capacity to live in close quarters.

okay, time for sleep.  happy 5th of july.

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nina said...

No, I'm not surprised.

Nearly 30 years ago, when we were spending a summer in Cambridge England (my older daughter was 3 and my younger one was about to be born)we were looking for housing. A thatched roof house presented itself as a possible (granted, summer only) rental. Picture perfect! But, it was far from town and my then husband didn't drive a stick (ie our car) and in truth -- it wasn't bright enough inside. So we didn't do it. Instead, we took an intown rental that had far less character but we liked it enough. Even though the place we passed by was far far more photogenic.