Tuesday, July 17, 2012

queen frostine and the candy castle

today i did a good thing.  i applied for a job.

and i guess that's all there is to say about it for now.  either it materializes into something or it doesn't.

but in order to get my application finished, i had to bicycle out to meet greg today since he has access to a printer and a scanner and i don't.  i hadn't been out that way since class ended a few weeks ago.  i forgot what a pretty ride it can be when the sky is doing something dynamic with itself, which it was today...

floating clouds around...

with a little dark raincloud interjecting itself into the fun...

of course it did rain, minutes after i returned home.  unintended good timing.  

later, there's a knock at the door.  it's the realtor from the house we are presumably renting come august.  

"i came for the key to the house."  

"sure, here you go," i say, pulling it off a hook.  

she looks at me for just a second and then says, disapprovingly, "i was a little worried, because i didn't know where it was."  

i think... she wants to tell us this.  she could have just said thank you and left.  

very carefully... "oh... we must have misinterpreted you when you said, "oh whenever you run by next..."  

(greg had literally run by her office with the guys in the burley a half hour before we met her at the house over the weekend.  when she gave us the key she stressed not to worry about returning it right away and told us... 'whenever you run by next.'  we believed it.)

as i'm finishing my explanation... '... and we hadn't been out that way yet" she was waving her hand (dismissively?), walking away and saying goodbye.  


i close the door, puzzled.  

was this a cultural misinterpretation?  a language thing?  a misunderstanding?  if so, when and on whose part?  on our's when she gave us the key? on hers?  on my part today?  and then i wonder, how did she find our house?  she knew we lived at the old school, but beyond that?  later we wonder, did the future landlord share it with her?  is someone else interested in the house?  we haven't gotten the lease yet.  a part of me is still holding out for the house... the one that doesn't exist... that i fall in love with at first sight.  if this falls through, well... but no, the place is now listed as 'reserved' on the rental site.  surely that's for us.  

when greg got home from work today, william came up to me and said, "dada and i are going to the shovel park."

and he went up to greg and said, "i just told mama we're going to the shovel park."  

"okay.  should we ask her if we should bring henry along?" 

"no. let's just go.  because you and i don't get to spend much time together just us. it will be a dada-william adventure."  

so off they go to the shovel park.  

i put henry in the ergo in an attempt to get mushpot davy put together (eggplant, zucchini, lentils, black eyed peas, tomatoes, rice... be thankful you're not a kid living here).  it works until he decides to try to bite my back for fun.  i keep arching so he only gets my shirt, but eventually i take him out and go between the stove and mama-henry adventures.  william and greg come back and it begins to rain minutes after they return home.  more unintended good timing.  

later i run in order to lift a foundering habit out of the water.  i spend as much time sitting outside our door after running as i spend actually running.  it's much cooler than inside the house and i can keep listening to music on my headphones.  i watch the herd of clouds moving slowly past the top of the church next door.  looking for more water i guess.  

we play a game of candy land with will before he goes to bed.  greg wins again.  just like last night, he pulls the card taking him to queen frostine and the rest is essentially history...  i never make it to the candy castle.  

i'll end with this little morning picture i found of henry on the camera when uploading the other pictures.  in his puppy pajamas... a little snuggler.... 

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