Sunday, February 17, 2013

et år i danmark!

yes, if i've taught you enough danish by now, then you know that title means one year in denmark.  officially, today, it was a year ago that we were dazedly getting off a plane, that henry threw up in the boss's car on the way to the 'old school' and then fell asleep, that we walked around the super best without a clue that we needed to weigh our grapes (why was i buying grapes anyhow?) and bring our own bags or otherwise buy them at the so-very-busy-that-day checkout line, and that no one was standing at the end of it to bag the groceries up for us in the bags we hadn't bought, or brought.

so there you have it.  no real need to recap, as there is an entire blog dedicated to almost everyday of the ensuing year, though, to be fair, there are so many untold parts, whether intentionally or unintentionally, for how could i possibly fit it all in and why?  i guess that is the magic of a blog... it doesn't have to be a reality tv show.  just an assorted compilation of what are now memories to glance back at now and then.

but for the future, this upcoming week is vinterferie-- winter vacation.  it is for my school at least.  it's not for greg (not until the paid vacation days kick in, so maybe next year).  and it's optional for the guys-- so we opted for it.  which means i should get a good night's sleep tonight. so i'll leave you with the one photo from today... two bicyclists going up the street, a bit of a blur but you might recognize them...

happy one three years in denmark year!  eat an ice cream sundae if you're so inclined.


nina said...

Happy anniversary and to many great adventures wherever you may land in the years ahead!

Now, let's have us some spring!

Kate said...

One year, such a wonderful milestone. I still think of you every Tuesday as I pass troy gardens on the way to my last delivery on Wanaukee. Thank you again for that tip on connecting to Maple Bluff. Denmark seems like such an incredible place.

greg|regan said...

Thank you, Nina. I'm with you on the wish for spring!

Hi Kate! How are deliveries going? I hope you've got lots of customers! So glad your blog is back up and running!