Friday, February 22, 2013

running in place

one of greg's coworkers said to him, 'the sun is beginning to shine again.  you will see that us danes start to feel like anything is possible.'

greg shared this with me this morning when i started talking like anything was possible.  give me a relaxing week at home with my two little guys where none of us have to rush out the door in the morning for anything and i start to think, 'alright, this is nice.  i can do this.  now what else can i do?'  and as i contemplated sending off the email that would commit me to a new responsibility, i broke out of character and told myself to wait on it for a week.  most people would say my plate is not very full right now, and i would have to agree, but i guess you sort of get used to whatever pace you're set at, and though the sun may be shining today i'm not entirely sure that tomorrow's regan would be completely thrilled to carry out the commitments created by today's ambitions.

so nothing new, nothing big, in the way of ongoing projects this day.  but in the evening i did take a walk.  have i mentioned before how very lovely it is to take a walk without keeping a constant eye on darting feet or trying to keep a four year old motivated enough to use his own two feet the entire time?  it is a treat.

i felt like running once i was out and going.  but i was in winter boots and coat... not really running attire.  still, as i began up the hill on vestre kirkevej on my way toward home, i had a feeling i would not nearly be worn out enough by the end of the walk, so i did run, just a bit, silly as i must have looked in my huge, blue, down coat.  

when i got home, henry's bike was gone and the house was empty, so i kept walking until, happily, i ran into my family...

yes, this is nice.

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nina said...

Personally, I think your plate IS full.

Being too quick to plunge myself, I'm glad that you did not immediately surround yourself with fresh commitments. Just so you can always have the time to take that quiet walk...