Wednesday, February 13, 2013

henry turns two!

a birthday!  henry's first in denmark.  the rest of us have had our danish birthdays, but henry turned one just 4 days before we arrived here, so he's had to wait most of a year to celebrate overseas.  that's okay because by now william really knows the lyrics to one or two of the (three or four) danish birthday songs-- which is what we sang (in the sense that william sang and greg and i mumbled) to him this morning to wake him up, and then 'happy birthday to you.'  he seemed to understand something special was happening for him and he was definitely into the idea of his presents this morning, which he (with significant, unsolicited help from his brother) opened before school.

after dropping them off i bought things for ice cream sundaes, then went back to their school for a parent-teacher conference with henry's teachers.  all... well... mostly... good things to report: "sweet... always happy... always smiling... cute... peter pedal... what do you call him?  curious george?  yes, that's it... he's curious!... quick and clever, so sometimes we forget he's just a little guy when he does something he's not supposed to... energetic... falls down a lot and runs into things because he's always moving so quickly... likes playing with the big kids in the class... hits... throws... but that's just a boy thing... they all do it... starting to speak in danish... understands what we're saying... good appetite... not always tired at nap time... talks a lot when it's time to go to sleep... has not bitten in a long time..."

then i went to william's classroom to pick him up, since i'd decided to bring them home early for henry's birthday.  he was eating lunch.  i watched in amazement as he ate four bowls of soup, as if we never give him any food at home... though it wasn't urgent like that... just consistent.  such a rare thing it is to see him eat one spoonful after another without pause.  then we went over to henry's classroom where the teacher said he ate three helpings of soup.  i think i mentioned in another post that their school's cook has created a cook book of her meals.  i must remember to bring 20 kroner to their school to buy it soon.

we went home and the guys played with all the new toys henry received and the heating guy came and replaced the fan and eventually our house returned to a level of comfortableness we had not felt in four and a half days.  at the last minute we ordered pizza for dinner... something i must remember not to do again, because it's really not good, unfortunately.  and we called our two-doors-down neighbors and shared ice cream sundaes with them in celebration of two years with little henry.  our own little peter pedal.

after all the salt and sugar... two sleeping boys... one with his new handmade rhinoceros from our neighbor.  thanks emily!

happy birthday littlest one!


nina said...

So so so sweet! Happy birthday indeed!

(Maybe it's the time of day -- are both boys voracious eaters at midday on weekends at home?)

greg|regan said...

Hi Nina,

Not necessarily, though I'd say in general they are better snackers and dinner eaters on the weekends. (Though Henry likes his snacks anytime... and he's also generally a pretty good dinner eater even on weekdays-- must be the difference between that one bowl of soup.)