Thursday, February 14, 2013


these were the only clear shots i could get of henry during his morning snack time birthday party in his class.  we brought banana bread to share and he got a t-shirt that said he is two years old, but he only wore it for a second before complaining he was 'too hot.'  

then he almost immediately got out of his seat and asked me to help him put on this outfit instead....

and he went around 'rahhhhhrrrrrr'ing at everyone...

because he's now two, he can no longer sleep in the prams at nap time.  i think because they are not allowed to restrain kids once they reach two (sounds harsh... looks a little harsh too when you see it, but the kids are strapped into the prams so they don't climb/fall out).  today was his first day sleeping in the nap room in his classroom, and he succeeded in not falling asleep which i wasn't surprised about, despite the fact that he'd stayed up later than usual last night at his ice cream party.  he fell asleep in the burley on the way home and then slept on the couch for about an hour.  i have to say, i don't think i've known a more peaceful afternoon post-little ones pick up.  i'm not saying i value peace over the wild things afternoons we typically have.  i'm just saying... it was peaceful.

now, i hope you consume some chocolate.  it is valentine's day after all.


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