Thursday, February 21, 2013


henry woke up sometime in the middle of last night.  nothing unusual there.  the problem was that he never seemed to go back to sleep.  he was a very uncomfortable little boy and we were utterly unprepared.  he was also out of bed nice and early this morning.  and i had failed to mention this yesterday, but he was up for an hour in the middle of the night on tuesday telling jokes, and then up at six as if the comedy routine had never even happened, which helped make last night's never ending slumber party feel just a little bit like torture, which is, no doubt, how he probably felt about it too.  so when he took an early nap, i took one too, with william settled in to enjoy the 1977 hobbit cartoon movie.  it was the only way, really that i was going to survive the day.  after greg came home i rode into town to get the equivalent of calamine lotion at the pharmacy.  (there is really very little in the way of over-the-counter products you can get at the grocery stores in denmark.)  so now henry is peacefully slumbering, slathered in a drying out lotion with light pajamas on, in hopes that the sleep powers-that-be will smile on us tonight and we will all get a little more rest.

here... a picture... william and greg doing a skype 'night battle' with william's grandpa tonight...

alright!  goodnight!


nina said...

Despite everything, William and Greg look so... content.

You have a good vibe going there, in your Danish home.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Matas,sort of a drugstore without drugs..:)and no waitng for your number to be called..:D
There should be one in Roskilde if im not mistaken.
Webshop ---->


greg|regan said...

Thanks Nina. Anytime William's got his dad and his grandpa in on a battle is a good time for William!

Erik-- yes, we have three or four Matas's in Roskilde all along the pedestrian street! Each selling different things. I've been into a couple of them.