Tuesday, February 12, 2013

what does a furnace and a tree with batteries have in common?

william asked if he could tell about the day today, so these are his words [with my words in brackets], which is helpful as his dad and i have some gift wrapping to do before tomorrow's birthday. he wrote about himself in the third person but quickly switched over...

"tomorrow it's henry's birthday and william's so excited about it and we're only going to have ice cream cause i like ice cream so much and we had hot chocolate this night and i had marmelade med [with] toskohome [i have no clue if the spelling is correct.  he tells me it's some kind of fish] and it's so yummy together and i built a big big puzzle at school by myself.  our furnace ran out so we had to get some (what are those called?) space heaters.

[around here he ran out of things to say but said he wasn't finished, so i gave him some suggestions.  he went with the 'tell them some danish words' suggestion.]

juletræ is christmas tree and lamp is lampe and picture is tegning and rope is snor and man is menneske.  the top of henry's truck always falls off so he has to put it on again and henry said good morning in the night time when i was sleeping and then i thought it was the morning time but then he turned on the light and it hurt my eyes.  henry's favorite tree with batteries in it ran out [here we had a discussion about what tree he was talking about... it seems clear from the rest of the sentence that it is one in his imagination] and i gave it to him for his turning two birthday.  and that's all.

[and now, discussing future events...] henry's birthday was fun.  he got some train pieces and some trains and also some menneske and you know what trains are in danish?  they're togen ['the train'] and dog is hund and puzzle is puslespil and computer is computeren [the computer] and rock is stene and lego is lego [pronounced slightly differently].  goodnight.  [it was time for bed at this point.]"

happy birthday tomorrow, little man-tiger. 

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