Sunday, February 10, 2013

four self-portraits

these self-portraits were taken some other night, but we were photo-less today so i thought they would bring some good energy to this post which is being written tired and close to the fire.  it wasn't so bad, day two, without heat, but i will be happy when we have it working again.  we have gone through a lot of wood, but i suppose we're getting near to the end of the season.  i haven't looked at the forecast lately, but i'm going to think positive in hopes that the temperatures coordinate accordingly.

if we're starting the week the american way, which is to say, today, sunday, then this is the week we will have a two year old running through the house.  otherwise, in denmark, week seven starts tomorrow.  a lucky week to be celebrating a birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you all stay healthy and warm for awhile! Good grief, what a difficult winter. Happy Birthday my little Henry :) Auntie K