Tuesday, February 26, 2013


basically a repeat of yesterday.  same classes, a stop at the tiny playground near the super best after school (see it there in the background?),  dinner on the table-- just a bit more popular tonight than last night (lentils and rice and cabbage as opposed to eggs and tomatoes and bacon and cabbage), and oscar films.  only today, instead of watching a preview on the internet, our danish teacher brought in 'en kongelig affære' ('a royal affair')... the danish film nominated for best foreign language film at the oscars and golden globes, about denmark's king christian vii (1700's), who was mentally ill, and the queen, caroline mathilde, and the royal doctor, johann struensee, played by denmark's beloved mads mikkelsen, who, as i've said before, is the leading male actor in every danish movie (or so it seems to me) and was the bad guy in casino royale.  what was nice, and perhaps a little like cheating, since we were watching this in class, were the english subtitles.  we didn't finish the entire thing so i'm really keeping my fingers crossed that everyone stays healthy through friday's class, because they, of course, don't have it on danish netflix, and i'm enjoying it!

okay, and another late post too.  happy tuesday!

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