Monday, March 25, 2013


the update on sunday

out at an easter event for kids at a sort of neighborhood-center/concert place... 

decorating a blown egg which he gave to the neighbors as a thanks for lending us the hobbit which we finished last night...

waiting in line for chocolate easter eggs and rabbits.  the rule was you could find one or two and then put it in the basket to make sure everyone got one...

the update on henry

better? not better?  not sure.  evolving... everyday.  but he was sent home early on friday.  that made three days last week he was sent home early and two that he stayed home.  i'm hoping not to be the bad mom who sends her sick child to school this week and just keeping him home today and tomorrow (it helps that i have no class this week).  the guys have no school wednesday, thursday, friday, or monday for easter/spring break and i think school children (e.g. elementary) have the entire week off... just a month or so after winter break... i really can't remember when it was, but i remember we were in chicken pox land then and it seems to have have been one continuous ride through sick town ever since.

the update on greg

he ate dinner and helped with bedtime and then went back to work to help on an experiment.

the update on our taxes

not done.  not even started.

the update on william

he's very nearly five years old!

the update on me

hmm... i don't know.  trying to go with the flow i guess.


nina said...

Go with the flow is the most important skill you can master. Believe me, I say it at the end of a day that delivered the worst punches.And, perhaps as a result, some good ones too.

greg|regan said...


I read this before I read your blog or knowing what the worst punches were. I have no doubt about your ability to face any challenge you didn't expect and to go with the flow. Thinking of you though.